Sound for Film

My Equipment

Mix, Record and Timecode & Sync Kit
Sound Devices 633
– 6 channel field mixer/recorder and breakaway – Master Clock
Denecke TS-C smart slate

1 Boom Kit
Sennheiser MKH 416 short shotgun microphone, w/ outdoor softie
Sennheiser MKH 50 super cardiod microphone w/ outdoor softie
Schoeps CMC6-U microphone amplifier w/ MK41 supercardiod microphone head, w/ outdoor softie
9′ boom, medium stand, gobo head, boom adapter

5 Wireless Kits
(2) SMQv TX Blk. 26 with (1) SRb stereo RX
(3) 400 Series wireless TX/RX kit Blk. 21
(4) Sanken COS-11D lavaliers
(1) Countryman B6 lavalier


Epilogue (short) – Amalgamated
Final Test Test Drives
– Mini USA
Norton Zone
  – Magnet
1-2-1 w/Jeff Staple ft. Joe Buck – SGS
BBC AMG Drivers Academy Contest – Bodega
El Efecto Clemente – ESPN
AXE Hair 101 Series – SGS
Classic Sessions NYC: Action Bronson x Party Supplies – Blue Chips – SGS
The Scars of Stop & Frisk – NY Times
To Be Heard – ITVS
Leave No Soldier – Independent

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