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Here you will find a collection of DJ mixes that I have put together as an example of my mixing prowess, song selection and overall in depth interest in great music. If you like what you hear and want to know more, follow me on twitter and/or recommend me to your favorite bar and club owners so that you can enjoy the experience live. Each mix streams live in one continuous track and are all freely available for download. Thanks and I hope you enjoy.

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Strada at Yotel Live Mix

Post and Tracklisting

5.23 – Strada at Yotel                                                                                      | 1:01:40

5.23 – Strada at Yotel Bonus                                                                        | 10:19

Life has been absolutely nuts in 2012. Despite sporadic cancellations, I still have my residency at Diesel and have been introducing a whole new dynamic to my mixing. I have continued my phrasing campaign and have integrated blending into as many songs as I can, not as a gimmick, but more as an exploration of sound. I enjoy setting up the tracks in a way that they can communicate with each other, dishing about last weeks bass lines spread over lyrics of today and vice versa, colloquially sampling and effecting the dynamics of the conversation. Sometimes there is a 2nd date and sometimes the mix doesn’t work, but here, I think there are some really interesting ideas that I seldom hear from DJ’s who are mostly theme based.

While free-styling this, my search parameters were almost always “hip hop” and “r&b” when I wasn’t digging through my Chill or instrumentals playlist to find a loop to fly in. Here, you will experience a works with a multitude of modifiers atop the base genre of hip hop and r&b. Also, the tempo never really gets above 115 BPM and lives way below that for the majority of the mix, and as this was performed and recorded in the downstairs Men’s section of the Union Square Diesel Store, there undoubtedly were some limitations regarding language, intensity, etc. That being said, I imagine that this mix would be solid for a very hip hotel bar or lounge, so if you like what you hear, pass it on.

LESS than GREAT (><)Volume 1 Part 1     |

LESS than GREAT (><)Volume 1 Part 2     |

LESS than GREAT (><)Volume 1 Part 3     |

Tracklisting for all 3 mixes

Encouraged to post more mixed tunage by my DJ pal, BassBear, here is a brief improvised house session I came up with one spaced out night in May of 2012. Having DJ’d at the Diesel Union Square location for about 3 months at this point, this mix is heavily influenced by hip tunes and lots of genre jumping even though I maintain house tempos throughout. There are a couple of mistakes here and there but overall, I feel it’s pretty solid with some good ideas discovered from some serious blending. Give me half and hour of your time and hopefully you’ll want more at the terminus.

05.12 Diesel Life                                               |
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In getting familiar with my S4, I began taking a more conceptual approach to DJ’ing and mixing. As the system allows rapid beat matching, I was able to cue quickly and focus more on the diverse parameters of the mix, smoothly transitioning with long fades, filter sweeps, EQ pans and varied reverb saturation. I attempted to make every mix special, unique and interesting. As for mood, the name says it all. Hurry up and relax. This one is slick, however unfortunately unfinished. This clocks in at about 1:02. Enjoy!

01.12 ayYO! chill…                                          |
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Two years ago, I put together a mix called “Asymmetrical Cuts”, which highlighted artists of today who bear a resemblance to the 80′s in which the tracks pressed were geometrically sound, unlike the hair styles… or clothes… or everything else. It’s an oldie, but a goodie with a few rare 80′s gems that I’ve collected over the years. Enjoy!

07.09 Asymmetrical Cuts                              |
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Everyone wants to get down, so I created a mixtape to supersede the playlist and get you and your mate in step and in gear for the nightly festivities two individuals can have after much courting, wooing and petting. “Going half on a baby” was a phrase passed by big-little brother GioAlex, so I’ve adopted the informal and named this one “Goin’Haffonna Baby Vol.1″. Part 2 of this mix was really hard to put together considering some of the wild timing and rhythm some of the songs had, however the combinations incorporated are very intriguing with a broad selection of artists and eras. This is a rough mix. I’m not sure if I’ll redo it, but I thought it was definitely good enough to share. Enjoy!

02.11 Goin’Haffona Baby Vol.1 Part 2 (rough)

First off, let me say that I’m not a huge fan of the grime derived British export known as “Dubstep”. That being said, there are desirable sides to any genre; rap heads sample country, Run-DMC linked with Aerosmith–we can all get along. I’ve taken a mellow approach with some complementary sounds, parabolically metering the intensity throughout the mix. I will admit that this mix isn’t perfect, with a jumped beat at 7:45 and some a faulty “wow and flutter” effect on some long steady sounds, something one would experience with Scratch Live when the PA Balance isn’t calibrated properly. Regardless, take a listen to a side of dubstep that I can handle: one that isn’t overladen with shrieking metallic blasts or space washing machines inspired by the movie “Contact”. I actually like the songs I am mixing here and just want to display my diverse skills when confronted with mixing different genres of music.

01.11 Dubber Wetsuit (rough)                     |

I was inspired to make a mix that harked toward childhood memories that seemed over saturated in color and sticky summertime nostalgia. Not all the tracks are of yesteryear, however they pay homage in their sound to a time that even the most stark hip-hop head would appreciate as the golden era. Time is a constant, however it is just our perception that makes it all relative. Enjoy the present of memory lane.

11.10 – Hop Illin’, Hip Chillin’                         |
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Early in 2010, I decided to test out the more intense side of my new electro collection by jumping in the river and mixing about 107 minutes of epic hard and deeply techy house. For the cover, I figured a conqueror on stage, in front of thousands, with flames spewing and vortexes enveloping would be sufficient to convey the idea of an epic event. My mix names are usually just a play on words of the genre I’m dipping into so bear with me. Comprised of tracks from early ’10 and late ’09, it’s a tad dated but has a lot of the tracks that defined the shift into palatable hard electro. It’s broken up neatly into three movements, so stand up, crank the bass and press play.

06.10 – Epiclectro MegaMix 2010                |

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This mix started as being a place filler for my offering as an “indie electronic house” DJ, however it quickly turned into one of my favorites. This field of music is not only accessible and enjoyable, but is constantly reinvented by innovative remixers abroad, allowing the ability to shift between different moods and other genre’s quite easily. Where this mix could be reserved for some hip posh restaurant in a trendy neighborhood, I feel it lacks pretension and enables casual listeners to get interested. I hope you like it.

01.10 (Indied Electrodes)                                |

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The following five mixes were created as an in-house project for Eye Productions, a New York City based photography firm. Through friend and associate David Jose Morales, I was commissioned to put together some mixes for their photo shoots with the purpose of keeping their models and crew energized. The only provisions were that there could be no Billy Joel or Phil Collins, and that Kanye West had to make his presence known. I arranged, mixed and edited these mixes in a 2 day period, putting in about 23 hours making sure that all the transitions crafted a solid flow for each collection.

11.09 (Kinda 80′s)                                              |

11.09 (90′s Splash)                                            |

11.09 (R&B’ish)                                                  |

11.09 (Down-Up)                                                |

11.09 (Get Housed) V1.2                                  |

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