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Epilogue from Amalgamated Picture Co. on Vimeo.

I hope you enjoy this short I worked on.

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Strada@Yotel 2013 w/ DJ Mix

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Here’s an hours worth of the event if you weren’t there. I hope you enjoy my live song styling and execution.

5.23 – Strada at Yotel                                             …

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The Clemente Effect on ESPN

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I was the Production Sound Mixer on the ESPN film, “The Clemente Effect”.

“The Clemente Effect” ESPN Films Official Trailer from Eric Talesnick on Vimeo.


Late last year, I worked for 6 weeks on a sports documentary for ESPN Deportes covering the life of…

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Traktor 2.5 USB S4 Macbook Pro 2012 USB Temp Fix

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If you are a Traktor S4 user, this last month must have been a bit nerve racking with the release of the new MacBook Pro, preloaded with Mac OS 10.7, otherwise known…

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“><” LESS than GREAT Mixtape Volume 1 Tracklist

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As it’s my longest mix published, this one clocks in at about 2 1/2 hours.


LESS than GREAT (><)Volume 1 Part 1     |

LESS than GREAT (><)Volume 1 Part 2     |


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Yotel + Strada Customs Release Event

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Diesel Life Track Listing

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05.12 Diesel Life                                               |

Runtime – 36:30

It’s a freestyle so it ain’t perfect, but there are some pretty interesting mixes so I hope you enjoy.

Track Listing

1. Bad Rabbits – Can’t Back Down
2. Carte Blanche – Do! Do! Do! (feat. Kid Sister)
3. Chromeo – Destination Overdrive…

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Location Scouts created a Human Emotion

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Location scouts are the closest thing we have to magicians, next to scientists, gymnasts and some chefs. They’re sole purpose is to search for a place for a film or video to be shot. Based on the script, the directors interpretation and preferences, the location needs to selected in…

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ayYO! chill… Mixtape Track Listing

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01.12 ayYO! chill…                                             |

Hey y’all.

I haven’t had a chance to finalize this mix, so in the meantime you can enjoy a little over an hour of finely mixed music. This one is pretty chill. It’s very uniform in that it occurs at a strict 77 bpm’s, however the…

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Features Review

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This is a partial review focused on various unique features of the Kontrol S4.

The Traktor Kontrol S4 (S4), is an all-in-one 4 deck controller by Native Instruments. As a longtime Serato Scratch Live vinyl & CD user, I was initially skeptical about purchasing a dedicated controller…

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