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Traktor 2.5 USB S4 Macbook Pro 2012 USB Temp Fix

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If you are a Traktor S4 user, this last month must have been a bit nerve racking with the release of the new MacBook Pro, preloaded with Mac OS 10.7, otherwise known as Mountain Lion. As with any new laptop, the main concern rests in the transferring of an entire iTunes Library, and loops and samples files to the new platform, however there are a few hitches during this process.

Using Traktor to it’s fullest comes with a few issues when interacting with OS X 10.7 on the new 2012 MacBook Pros/Air:

1st: When duplicating an iTunes Library (along with the appropriate .xml file that saves all the playlist info) on a new MBP 2012, iTunes might declare that it is missing a great deal of tracks even if they are all there. Simple find one of the marked tracks and locate the file. iTunes will appear to stall and reveal that it relocated many more tracks than you anticipated were “missing”. They will all appear in iTunes and you can go on using that as normal. Manual location may need to be performed one or two times.

2nd: After you load Traktor 2.5, many of your tracks including relocated ones will be in the playlist but will not load, forcing the software to inform you that they are “Missing or Corrupted.” This is a lie. Simply reinstall Traktor to remedy the error messages.

3rd: Some Traktor 2.5 users may be experiencing some alarming audible and visual glitches when using their S4 (not certain about other interfaces). The track stutters during playback and crackles when it is not. The system responds to commands, however when consulting the audio drivers in System Preferences, a “USB Errors” readout continues to increase with each passing glitch.
The issue is within the latest update of Mac OS X 10.7 and how that update has modified USB functions within the new MBP’s. The Native Instruments forum user “feedserotonin” has provided a temporary fix that cures the issue, albeit with a bit of a caveat:


feedserotonin wrote:
Here’s a link to the Kext File
Here’s where to download the Kext Wizard
1) Launch Kext Wizard
2) Select the Installation tab
3) Click Browse and select the Kext file from the folder it was downloaded to
4) Check mark “backup kexts that will be replaced” This option will place a folder on your desktop of the USB 3.0 compatible Kext
5) Be sure the System/Library/Extentions folder is selected as the destination
6) Click Install and wait for the message saying it has completed
7) reboot your system

FYI, this will cause all USB 3.0 devices run at USB 2.0 speeds. If you want to run your USB 3.0 devices at native speed, just reinstall the backup’d Kext file. It is a bit inconvenient but the best current solution.

3 Comments to “Traktor 2.5 USB S4 Macbook Pro 2012 USB Temp Fix”

  1. John says:


    I installed this, and on the surface it works. But I was beat matching some songs, specifically (Dave Aude One Direction-Makes You Beautiful & Calvin Harris-Feel So Close), and it sounded off. It use to blend flawlessly on my older macbook, but on my macbook air it sounds off beat. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

  2. dooga says:

    If you are using a fresh install of Traktor on a new laptop, make sure that you have copied the track collection information from your older mac in Documents>Native Instruments>Traktor 2.5.0>collection.nml. In the meantime, spot-check and adjust any inconsistencies in your beat grid for both tracks. There are some serious glitches with Traktor 2.5 on MacOS 10.7.4 so patience is going to be needed until NI figures something out. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

  3. brian says:

    I have the macbook pro 2010 and am haveing problem with clipping also

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